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The mod Shitf-Two, and his content

Shift-Two is an non-professional and free mod created by Loulimi (me) just as spare-time, fun and passion. The mod is downloadable for all on the ModDB page or other websites. It can be playable on all computers who have the original game Half-Life1. The mod is gouverned by the Valve Terms of Services and can't be buyable because it has been maked with Valve products. The mod use Valve and Gearbox ressources and also other ressources created by amateur guy and me. The mod goal is to product and make fun. He is available to everybody but If you cant to use the mod otherwise that playing you must if possible ask the author permission (me or other artists, all ressources are not of me) and quote theme except officials ressources. If you want to share the content, full or not, modified or not, indicate the original credits, the original content or the original mod, with links if you can.


Thanks to all people who help me and the mod, ModDB, Mapping-Fusion, le Site du Zéro, and others who help me. And you!



Take a good time with the mod and comment it if you want!