This page is just for information. I don't think be able to write a legal "Terms of Services", and my english is too bad for that. As I will say my work is amateur, free and just for fun.

The Website

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Remember just that this content (the website, the mod) is amateur, free and that his goal is to make fun to the users and author. I did'nt write legacy or "Termes of Services" documents. I hope you understand me. If you talk about it or edit it (the website, the mod), please quote theirs authors and give some link as this website, or another page.

The mod Shift-Two and his content

The mod Shift-Two is a fee amateur mod created by Loulimi (me, as known as Barney) , his goal is to make fun at spare-time. It is downloadable on Internet and playable on all computers who have the game Half-Life1. The mod his under the Valve and gearbow copyrights and terms of services. So, it can't be buyable?. Content come from me, from Valve, from Gearbox and from others amateurs guy.


Thabks very much to the "Site du Zero" community, to ModDB community, and to Mapping-Fusion community, and also all others guys who helped me!

Softwares for the mod

The website

If you have any comment, please contact me!